NetXMS Console for Mac Changelog

NetXMS Console for Mac

NetXMS Console 1.2.13

What's new in NetXMS Console 1.2.13

March 28, 2014
  • Improved layer 2 topology discovery performance
  • Special handling of incorrect LLDP data provided by some D-Link switches
  • Optimizations in NXCP processing
  • Added driver for Cisco Small Business switches
  • Improved file retrieve from agent
  • Windows agent: added service list and service table (System.Services)
  • Fixed bug with SQL initialization script generation on HP-UX
  • Fixed Oracle DB initialization error
  • New macro %K (alarm key) in event actions
  • Management console:
    - Implemented alarm sounds
    - Fixed "broken pipe" errors
    - Macros with alarm data in object tools
    - Added option "Manage image library" in user access rights property page
    - Fixed image upload in web console
  • Added support for sticky acknowledge in nxalarm tool
  • Fixed bug causing excessive memory usage by AIX agent
  • Fixed bug with interface status detection if agent runs in Solaris zone
  • Fixed agent crash if HTTPS service status requested
  • Android Console:
    - Fix bug missing hide notification alarm in status bar
    - Implemented "Font size in graph/dashboard sessions" (Feature #240)
  • Fixed issues: #109, #240, #425, #428, #438, #462, #466, #471, #493, #507, #508, #527